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Fire doors

’Yugo-Vostok’ company manufactures certified fire doors and hatches rated as ЕІ-30, ЕІ-60 and complying to the requirements of the State Standard of Ukraine ДСТУ Б.В.2.6-77:2009 ’Structures of Buildings and Facilities…’.

The complete set and materials: door-frames made of 1.5 mm thick roll-formed section of Ст-3 steel, door leaf of two metal sheets (Ст-3) of 1.0 mm thick reinforced with channel bars; as a filler a fire-resistant gypsum board and heat-resistant basalt wool are used as a filler; system of door hinges protection from cutting off, thermal expanding strip, sealing. The additional option is: closure system with mechanical coordinator. We take orders for the following doors: fireproof, intrinsically safe, antistrike house doors, with glazing and etc.